DoubleGood helps you celebrate your love of Vespas with products that mark the history and elegance of the world's favourite scooter. Because you love Vespas, and we love Vespas too.

Vespa people appreciate style and quality. We sell custom-designed pin badges, neck tube scarves and stickers directly from our STORE. We ship worldwide from the UK. Our t-shirt designs are sold by our partners,

Vespa Wasp neck tube scarf

Vespa Wasp neck tube scarf. Shield yourself from the elements with this microfibre scarf. An essential part of your riding gear.

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Vespa Wasp neck tube scarf

Vespa Wasp pin badge. Stunning new edition in polished metal and hard enamel infill. White body and grey wings, with red and orange details.

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Vespa Wasp Sticker Set

Nine Vespa Wasp stickers. Printed on white vinyl and pre-cut around the edges ready for you to peel off the sheet.

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Vespa 150 Super illustration

Vespa 150 Super T-Shirt. Celebrating the classic Italian scooters of the 1960s, this illustration is based on a Vespa 150 Super. Available on a choice of t-shirts.

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Vespa Wasp Pin Badge Black Yellow

Vespa Wasp pin badge, set in black and pale yellow enamel with an antique silver finish. A classy and understated addition to your riding apparel.

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Vespa Anno 1946 Sticker Set

Four 'VESPA ANNO 1946' stickers celebrating the original Vespa V98 motor scooter.

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Classic Vespa Wasp T-shirt

Classic Vespa Wasp Motif T-Shirt Shown here on a dark blue t-shirt, the design is available on a variety of garments and colours.

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Piaggio Pontedera Italia t-shirt

PIAGGIO PONTEDERA ITALIA T-Shirt. A tribute to the heritage of Piaggio. The wing motif references the Company's roots in aviation in the 1930s and the term ‘Vespa’ (Italian for ‘Wasp’).

Available as short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, etc.

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Vespa PX Wasp Pin Badge Orange White Black

Vespa Wasp pin badge. New edition. Picture this pin badge shining from your favourite jacket. Orange body, white wings and a polished metal finish.

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Vespa GTS Stickers

Vespa GTS stickers. Bless your GTS with these quality stickers.

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Vespa Piaggio Italia T-shirt

Vespa Piaggio Italia T-Shirt celebrating the world's favourite scooter. Shown here on a dark grey T-shirt, the design is available on a wide choice of colours and garments.

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Betta Getta Vespa window stickers

Two 'Betta Getta Vespa' window stickers. These stickers static cling to the inside surface of glass. Ideal for your car or garage window.

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Vespa GTS t-shirt hoodie

VESPA GTS T-shirt (hoodie version illustrated above). Referencing the traditional cog emblems used by Vespa clubs worldwide, this design salutes the Vespa GTS range of scooters.

Available in several garment types, including t-shirts and hoodies, and in a choice of colours.

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Vespa Anno 1946 t-shirt

VESPA ANNO 1946 T-Shirt. Vintage style illustration celebrating the original Vespa V98 motor scooter. The V98 was the first model in a line that became a global success.

Available on short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, etc.

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Vespa Scooterist

LEGO SCOOTERIST available on t-shirts and other products from the good folk at Redbubble.

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Vespa Wasp Pin Badge Black Red

Vespa Wasp pin badge. High quality metal pin badge set in red and black enamel with an eye-catching gold effect finish. ***Sold Out***

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Vespa Wasp Pin Badge yellow and silver GS

Vespa wasp pin badge, black and yellow enamel with polished silver finish. ***Sold Out***

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