I'D RATHER BE RIDING MY VESPA - waterslide transfers


Set of eight waterslide transfers, screen printed four colours (red, silver, gold, black). The silver and gold inks are opaque metallics, the red ink is slightly transparent and will appear darker if applied to a dark surface.

One set comprises of:
 - “I’D RATHER BE RIDING MY VESPA” transfer, 68 x 37 mm, (x2).
 - circular scooter transfer (various colourways), 25 x 25 mm, (x6).

Please note these are not 'peel and stick' vinyl stickers. They are thin waterslide transfers - they are delicate and there is a knack to using them. They should be applied to a smooth hard non-porous surface, such as glass, plastic or metal, and then sealed with a clear varnish spray.

These stickers are currently unavailable to buy.