Vespa Wasp Neck Tube Scarf

Vespa Wasp neck tube scarf - Cream

What could be more fitting for scooter fans than a swarm of colourful Vespas?...

You may think of it as a neck tube scarf, or a neck warmer, or just multi-function headwear. What's for sure is that tube scarves are an invaluable accessory for scooter riders and everyone else tackling the great outdoors.

Wear it around your neck to keep the wind and weather at bay. Pull it up over your nose as a dust filter. It can be twisted into a beanie hat, a balaclava, or worn as a helmet liner. Plus it's compact and light enough to pack in your pocket.

Basically, an essential part of your riding gear.

- seamless microfibre polyester tube
- blocks wind, wicks moisture and lets your skin breathe
- 25 x 50 cm when flat
- machine washable

Available in three colours: Blue, Grey & Cream

£12.75 (sold out)

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Vespa Wasp Neck Tube Scarf Cream detail

Vespa Wasp Neck Tube flat

Vespa Wasp Neck Tube Scarf packaging